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  • Designing Affordable and Energy-Efficient Homes

    Nearly two years after winning ARCHITECT's R+D Award, architecture professor John Quale is taking his EcoMod concept around the world. EcoMod applies energy-efficient and passive design concepts to affordable housing, weighing the costs and benefits through long-term performance monitoring. The...

  • Nine Key Steps to Build a Healthy Home

    From radon mitigation and proper ventilation to moisture control, these strategies are often overlooked in builders' battle for superior indoor air quality. Here are nine important steps to building a healthier home from Brandon Weiss, founder of Chicago-based Evolutionary Home Builders.

  • A March Madness Bracket for Architecture Buffs

    ARCHITECT has created a march madness bracket pitting 32 of the AIA's Twenty-Five Year Award winners against each other. Over 500 people voted in Round One, knocking the building pool down to 16 finalists. Join the fun and vote for Round Two finalists today!

  • A Smog Eating Bridge

    A glowing, green, clean bridge is coming to Barcelona. Seriously.

  • France Mandates Green Roofs For All New Commercial Construction

    A new mandate in France will require buildings in commercial zones to incorporate either plants or solar panels in roof design.

  • Four Green Alternatives to Spray Foam Insulation

    Traditional spray foam, while an effective insulator, includes chemicals linked to health problems like asthma. Here are four alternatives to spray foam that are better for human health and the environment.

  • Meet the World’s First B Corp Tile Company

    For more than a decade, San Francisco-based Fireclay Tile has been making the world's most sustainable tiles from bathrooms to backsplashing. Now with a recently acquired BCorp certification, the socially and environmentally responsible company continues launching new lines that bring a clash of...

  • Stylish, Leaf-Shaped Solar Cells

    Stylish solar chargers make solar power attractive for the living room.

  • Chalupas from a Shipping Container

    It's true, even the big brands are getting involved with shipping container buildings. First up? Taco Bell.

  • Research Home Promotes Prefab Future

    A research prefab in Stuttgart can be built in a day, generate twice as much power as it needs, and is being studied for future developments.