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  • Solar Power From Satellites?

    Solar power is still growing as a viable field, but new developments from Japan may be the start of beaming energy gathered from space to your home.

  • A Shipping Container Apartment Complex

    Stacks of shipping containers are being turned into a modern apartment complex near Houston.

  • Largest Vertical Farm Planned for 2016

    In 2016, Newark, N.J. will be home to the world's largest vertical farm.

  • Eiffel Tower Energy Production

    Wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower, and will generate enough power to maintain the entire first floor of the structure, including a souvenir shop, restaurant, and exhibits.

  • Vertical, Indoor Farming

    The Vertical Harvest greenhouse hopes to grow produce for a town with a climate that prevents traditional farming.

  • How Big Can a Prefab Go?

    When you think of a prefab, what comes to mind? A house in a neighborhood full of identical houses? How about a building in China with 57 floors and 800 apartments?

  • Furniture Built for Bike Storage

    A bicycle seems like the most sensible transportation option for a city-dweller in a small apartment, but storage doesn't come cheap. One Chilean designer is working to change that with a line of shelves and furnishing that elegantly store and display bikes as sculpture.

  • Soul of a Treehouse, Style of a Summer Home

    A triangular design gives this summer home a childilke aura.

  • A Tiny House in the Vermont Mountains

    The tiny home trend continues with this 200 square-foot abode in the Vermont mountains. The trailer-tied home boasts green building features from low utility costs to a compost toilet.

  • It’s a Room Divider, It’s a Sound Insulator, It’s a… Cactus?

    A solution for dividing office space that improves sound management as much as spirits, BuzziCactus is a fun, multi-purpose, sustainable design for the open office.