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  • The Top States for Lot Production

    Metrostudy chief economist Brad Hunter discusses second-quarter lot delivery and starts, ranking the top ten states for lot production and future inventory. The pace of lot delivery has gone up 140% in the past two years, much faster than the pace of housing production has rise.

  • Top 10 Towns for Families

    Family Circle and Onboard Informatics identify the top 10 towns for families by comparing four metrics: median income, median home price, the percentage of households with children, and GreatSchools rankings. An interactive Google Map provides a drilldown of the four metrics in each location.

  • Top States and Cities Exposed to Storm Surge Damage

    CoreLogic's 2014 Storm Surge Report estimates the number of single-family homes exposed to storm surge damage as a result of hurricanes, as well as the estimated cost of reconstruction. Our interactive map breaks out one section of the report--top states with the most homes at risk for damage.

  • Panels That Break the Mold

    HouMinn Practice creates one-off panels with minimal waste, energy, and material.

  • The Green Police Flush Out Low-Flow Toilets

    Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green, and Carl Seville, partner at SK Collaborative, check in at Kohler to test two low-flow toilet options.

  • Nine Award-Winning Adaptive Reuse Projects

    These stunning adaptive reuse projects received recognition in the Remodeling Design Awards.

  • Heat Mapping the World's Hottest Temperatures

    The Andrew Sykes Group, a large air conditioning firm based in the UK, has developed this interactive displaying record highs, and current temperatures from select cities across the globe. 

  • Self-Cooling Solar Cells

    Researchers have developed a new coating that lets solar cells cool themselves, which saves water, boosts performance and helps the technology to last longer.

  • Top 25 New-Home Price Hikes in 2014

    Where in the nation are new-home prices on fire? Here, BUILDER looks at the top 25 markets racing away from affordability.

  • An Urban "Skyfarm" That Looks and Provides Food Like a Tree

    With roughly 13 acres of hydroponic growing space, this thing looks like something straight out of some techno-utopia.