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    Buildings are one of the largest producers of carbon emissions, but some changes could combat that trend.

  • Biker Bonanza

    Cycling is so popular (and commonplace) in the Netherlands that there's just not enough space to park bikes in the city. The city is trying to resolve the desperate need for bike parking in an innovative way, taking parking garages literally to a new level—underwater.

  • Solar Price Premium

    Solar panels can be an expensive investment, but how much more can you expect to pay if you are buying a house that already has solar panels?

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    Cool treehouse design is futuristic and low-impact.

  • In the Lap of Sustainable Luxury

    Furniture craftsmen Hellman-Chang have been selling their luxury designs to buyers like the Ritz and Waldorf Astoria for nearly a decade, and even with pieces featured in show rooms in 13 major cities, the materials are sourced within 10 miles of their Brooklyn studio.

  • Nonprofits to Help Benchmark Energy Usage

    Nonprofits are stepping up and assisting affordable housing owners with energy monitoring and consumption.

  • Green Builders, Join Up!

    The building industry needs to speed up and respond to global warming faster according to Jim Weglewski.

  • Try this Acid (Chart)

    Our oceans have been getting more and more acidic, now you can watch the process in action.

  • Powered by Tofu

    Researchers at Liverpool University have discovered a new way to create solar cells, and it involves tofu.

  • Clean(ish) Coal

    Clean coal could be the future, but it also has many unseen costs.