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    Researchers at Liverpool University have discovered a new way to create solar cells, and it involves tofu.

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    Clean coal could be the future, but it also has many unseen costs.

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    Harmless Harvest is looking to change the booming coconut water industry.

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    Jordan has plans to power all of its mosques via solar energy, and that means more than just clean energy.

  • 7 Ways to Enhance Indoor Environments with Biophilic Design

    Human beings not only respond positively to nearby nature, but to variation in biophilic patterns and strategies. From fractals to changes in airflow, capitalizing on the biophilia hypothesis goes far beyond putting a plant in a room. Here are some of the lesser known benefits of biophilic design...

  • Let There Be Natural Light: 6 Design Strategies to Borrow Daylight

    Maximizing natural light is not always as easy as adding a couple of windows. Luckily the design world has a wealth of strategies to borrow natural light so no space is left alone in the dark. Here is the breakdown of glazing opportunities, courtesy of a Houzz design workshop.

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    For less than $100, author Dan Price has been creating his own minimalist Hobbit homes.

  • On Vacation, Off the Grid

    Tiny Houses aren't just for everyday living, they can be cozy vacation homes too!

  • Back Home in the Grain Silo?

    Could your home fit on a pickup truck? Possibly. But did it also hold grain at one point in time? That's the case for the home of architect Christoph Kaiser who renovated an old grain silo and transformed it into a 190-square-foot home that he occupies with his wife. Nearly everything in the home...

  • Clothes Dryers Get Energy Star Ratings

    Smart technologies help 45 models of clothes dryer boast the Energy Star label