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  • Energy-Saving Top-Loader From Maytag

    Maytag. The Bravos line of top-loading equipment offers a 5.0-cubic-foot capacity, a built-in heater, and a 1,100-rpm spin cycle to wash more clothes more efficiently. The unit is rated with a 2.25 MEF and a WF of 4.3, or 25% and 74% better than current thresholds. Bravos is also the first...

  • Auto-Sensing, Energy-Saving Washer From Fagor

    Fagor. The FA-5812 full-size washer offers an MEF of 2.07 and a WF of 6.7, or about 15% and 12% better than current Energy Star standards, respectively. Sensors in the washer analyze the fabric type and the garment quantity and automatically set the temperature, spin speed (up to 1,200 rpm), and...

  • 10 Green Products From the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

    Water-conserving fixtures, energy-saving appliances, and other resource-efficient wares on display at the 2010 show.

  • New + Notable Green Building Products

    A selection of 15 sustainable products for sustainable homes, including efficient clothes washers, reclaimed wood flooring, and an energy monitoring system for appliances.

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  • Eco-Friendly Laundry Set from Bosch

    Bosch. The Vision line of full-size (3.31-cubic-foot) laundry equipment is rated to use 13 gallons of water per load, achieving an MEF of 2.52 and a WF of 4.5 (both 40% better than 2009 thresholds). EcoSmart sensors and intelligent controls continuously analyze the wash cycle and automatically...

  • Water-Conserving Washer from LG

    LG. The WM2701HV model offers a 4.5-cubic-foot-capacity stainless steel tub to reduce the number of loads; it automatically senses water hardness and detergent level, adjusting cycle length and water level to maximize efficiency. The washer achieves an MEF rating of 2.57 and a WF of 3.4, or nearly...

  • Energy-Efficient Washer from Frigidaire

    Frigidaire. The Affinity series laundry set is rated for a modified energy factor (MEF) of 2.31 and a water factor (WF) of 3.8, or about 28% and 97% better than current thresholds, respectively. The washer offers spin cycles up to 1,100 rpm and purports a 25-minute wash cycle among 25 wash options...

  • Product Review: Clothes Washers Blurbs ALL

  • Product Review: Clothes Washers

    Special cycles, smart sensors, and new designs help the latest crop of washers save more energy and water than ever before.