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  • 10 Green Products From the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

    Water-conserving fixtures, energy-saving appliances, and other resource-efficient wares on display at the 2010 show.

  • New + Notable Green Building Products

    A selection of 15 sustainable products for sustainable homes, including efficient clothes washers, reclaimed wood flooring, and an energy monitoring system for appliances.

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  • Eco-Friendly Laundry Set from Bosch

    Bosch. The Vision line of full-size (3.31-cubic-foot) laundry equipment is rated to use 13 gallons of water per load, achieving an MEF of 2.52 and a WF of 4.5 (both 40% better than 2009 thresholds). EcoSmart sensors and intelligent controls continuously analyze the wash cycle and automatically...

  • Water-Conserving Washer from LG

    LG. The WM2701HV model offers a 4.5-cubic-foot-capacity stainless steel tub to reduce the number of loads; it automatically senses water hardness and detergent level, adjusting cycle length and water level to maximize efficiency. The washer achieves an MEF rating of 2.57 and a WF of 3.4, or nearly...

  • Energy-Efficient Washer from Frigidaire

    Frigidaire. The Affinity series laundry set is rated for a modified energy factor (MEF) of 2.31 and a water factor (WF) of 3.8, or about 28% and 97% better than current thresholds, respectively. The washer offers spin cycles up to 1,100 rpm and purports a 25-minute wash cycle among 25 wash options...

  • Product Review: Clothes Washers Blurbs ALL

  • Product Review: Clothes Washers

    Special cycles, smart sensors, and new designs help the latest crop of washers save more energy and water than ever before.

  • Case Study: Net-Zero Home in Lewisville, Texas, Sets High-Performance Standard

    GreenCraft Builders' latest Texas project blends well with its 60s-era neighborhood, while its high-performance features push the boundaries of modern sustainability.

  • GE Testing Smart Grid-Enabled Appliances

    Kitchen and laundry equipment will communicate between the utility and the homeowner to ensure appliances are operating at the optimum time of day.