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  • A Home Built to Blend into the Environment

    Architects in Poland are designing a forest home that will use mirrors to appropriately blend into the environment, and other technology to make sure native species are unharmed during and after construction.

  • A March Madness Bracket for Architecture Buffs

    ARCHITECT has created a march madness bracket pitting 32 of the AIA's Twenty-Five Year Award winners against each other. Over 500 people voted in Round One, knocking the building pool down to 16 finalists. Join the fun and vote for Round Two finalists today!

  • How Big Can a Prefab Go?

    When you think of a prefab, what comes to mind? A house in a neighborhood full of identical houses? How about a building in China with 57 floors and 800 apartments?

  • Four Second Home Shipping Container Retreats

    Shipping container homes are an ideal option for homeowners who are looking to invest in a second home, but can't quite afford a traditional build. These four retreats and vacation homes are impressive examples of economical (and chic) shipping container home design.

  • Biker Bonanza

    Cycling is so popular (and commonplace) in the Netherlands that there's just not enough space to park bikes in the city. The city is trying to resolve the desperate need for bike parking in an innovative way, taking parking garages literally to a new level—underwater.

  • Three Exceptional Adaptive Reuse Projects

    These three projects from Architect's Project Gallery draw from history to create new inventive and useful structures that still maintain a close connection to their past, whether in design or ideology.

  • A Hybrid Structure Built Around a Footbridge

    VORTEX, the raw wooden sculpture, strewn with strands of LEDs, visualizes the amount of energy consumed by the unique, environmentally forward site with varying degrees of illumination. 1024 Architecture constructed the interactive architectural sculpture for the Darwin Ecosystem Project in...

  • AIA Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness About Architecture

    The American Institute of Architects launched a video today as part of its new "I Look Up" campaign, which is designed to raise awareness about architecture. The video features architects from around the country, including Mona Zellers, Assoc. AIA, of Seattle-based LMN Architects.

  • USGBC Extends LEED 2009 Registration Deadline

    The period during which teams can register projects under the existing standard will now close on Oct. 31, 2016.

  • A Vision for Innovation and Green Building in Albuquerque

    Jared and Laurie Tarbell have big goals for the downtown Albuquerque area, aiming to make New Mexico’s largest city a hub for 3D printing innovation and sustainable infrastructure.