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  • New + Notable

    New products for green-built homes, including tankless water heaters, asthma and allergy-friendly paint, and a greywater system.

  • Greywater System

    Water Wise Group. The Aqua2use greywater system collects water from the shower, laundry, lavatory sinks, and bath and channels it through a four-stage filtration system into a 21-gallon tank to create water suitable for outdoor irrigation.

  • WaterSense-Certified Proficiency Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilet

    The WaterSense-certified Proficiency ultra-high-efficiency toilet uses just 0.8 gallon per flush to effectively evacuate both solid and liquid waste, consuming 37% less water than standard high-efficiency toilets.

  • 10 Common Failures in LEED for Homes Projects

    Green rater's tips help building pros ace their final inspection.

  • Versatile Faucets

    Toto. The Silas collection of faucets, showers, tub fillers, and other accessories boasts a versatility that makes it suitable for traditional, transitional, and contemporary bathrooms.

  • Traditional Faucets

    The Prince collection, which includes single-handle, two-handle center set, two-handle wide spread, and tub/shower faucets, is designed to complement traditional décor, says the manufacturer.

  • 1.5-gpf Wall-Mount Faucet

    The improved 1/2-inch ToughRock gypsum boards are 25% lighter than the company’s traditional 1/2-inch wall and ceiling drywall products, says the manufacturer.

  • High-Efficiency Showerhead

    With a nominal flow rate of 1.5 gpm at 80 psi, the Caroma Flow high-efficiency showerhead saves up to 10 gallons of water for a 10-minute shower versus a standard unit.

  • Satis Tankless Toilet

    The Satis tankless toilet features the Vortex flushing system, which cleans the bowl with only water pressure and therefore has no tank to fill or associated waiting time.

  • ShetkaStone

    ShetkaStone takes post-consumer and post-industrial paper such as newsprint, cardboard, and retired currency out of the waste stream and upcycles it into surfacing for tabletops, countertops, office furniture, moldings, tiles, and vanities.