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  • Busby: Learning Sustainable Design

    Peter Busby started his first practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1984 with a desire to influence the city’s growth and have a direct social and physical effect on the built environment.

  • Integrated Design—MITHUN

    This book examines the practice, principles and projects of the architectural firm, Mithun.

  • Book Tells Why and How to Create a Sustainable Business

    This book, which challenges the mindset of business as usual, explains how and why to create a sustainable business.

  • A Business School Gets Sustainable Inspiration from a Book

    The project team for the Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. Hall at the University of California, Davis, found inspiration in a book titled Natural Capitalism while designing the 82,000-square-foot (7618-m²) business school in a sustainable manner.

  • Learning from the Past

    On occasion, I revisit my past and smile at my teenage ideals or remember sights, sounds and emotions linked to a particular event in my life.

  • Efficient, Effective and Responsible Buildings Are Environmental and Economic

    Author, speaker and consultant Alan Whitson, president of the Corporate Realty, Design and Management Institute, Portland, Ore., is the creator of a seminar series, “Turning Green into Gold.”

  • Change for a Green Future

    My second major in college was American history. I never tire of reading about brave Americans who faced adversity to make our nation a better place.

  • Commentary: Are Your Homes SUVs or Hybrids?

    Earlier this week I saw a news report about how scores of SUV owners are desperately trying to trade-in their gas-guzzlers for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Most who try are getting below Blue Book value because car dealers believe they’ll be hard to resell. In light of $4-a-gallon fuel...

  • Schools, Curriculum Go Green

    The advantages to building a green school are obvious: a healthy, more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff, plus energy and taxpayer savings. But one aspect of a sustainable school that may have been overlooked in the past is the chance to incorporate green into the curriculum...