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  • Energy Star Revised

    Updated rules include new checklists for thermal enclosures and HVAC installation quality.

  • Best New Book On Water Resources

    See why Mary Ann Dickinson, of the Alliance For Water Efficiency and Vision 2020 chair, carries this book everywhere.

  • A Global Conversation

    The planet may be becoming increasingly hot, flat, and crowded, but that only provides a growing array of opportunity for innovation and leadership from the sustainable design community.

  • Green Building Pros Gearing Up for Residential Summit

    Day-long event will be focused on leaders in the residential building industry.

  • News from Across the Institute

    London, Ottawa, Chicago, and Washington

  • The Green Migration

    Jason McLennan, CEO of the Cascadia Green Building COuncil and the International Living Building Institute, and author and founder of the Living Building Challenge, speaks with ECO-STRUCTURE.

  • Two New Guides Offer Guidance on Sustainable Building

    ASHRAE offers the third edition of its GreenGuide: The Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable Buildings, while the U.S. Green Concrete Council releases its second guide on concrete sustainability.

  • Tips for Creating the Not So Big House

    Architect Sarah Susanka advocates for “rightsizing” the American home.

  • The Hanley Award 2010 Judges’ Panel

  • Confessions of a Radical Industrialist Argues That Profitability and Sustainability Go Hand-In-Hand

    Ray C. Anderson's new book chronicles the journey of transforming a carpet manufacturing giant into a green leader