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  • Executive Summary

    Repositioning architects for the 21st century.

  • On the Docket

    Committing to a leadership role is the task of architects today.

  • Nano-Engineered Polymers Simulate Sunlight

    In the last 10 years, light-emitting diode lighting has dramatically transformed the field of lighting design. What's next? Field-induced polymer electroluminescence, says Blaine Brownell.

  • AIA and NIBS Launch the Building Research Information Knowledgebase

    Building design professionals can access and contribute to this free online resource, which serves as a portal for peer-reviewed research papers and case studies to help educate the design community.

  • Fighting Disease with Molecular CAD/CAM

    The tools used for architecture and construction, from CAD to 3D printing, are now also being used to design disease-fighting DNA.

  • Where the Jobs Are--and Are Not--in 2013

    Do housing starts reveal a jobless recovery? A look at recent economic numbers reveals data that affects all construction, including green projects.

  • New AIA President Mickey Jacob Inaugurated

    The Tampa-based architect will help lead the institute's Repositioning initiative.

  • The Language of Abundance

    Architects are well-positioned to make a difference.

  • Is LEED Manipulated by Business Interests?

    USA Today's series examining the USGBC and LEED continues with a focus on the relationship between the organzation, LEED development, and the building industry.

  • The ARCHITECT 50: 2012 Firm Survey from the American Institute of Architects

    Data from the decline revealed: AIA chief economist Kermit Baker discusses the difficult past few years unveiled by the Institute's 2012 Business of Architecture Report.