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  • The Grindzilla by Green Jobsites

    The Grindzilla (C1400) mobile materials shredder and container for wood, drywall, and cardboard waste boasts a 2-ton-per-hour throughput rate and foreign matter recognition to mitigate contamination. The grinder offers a conveyor loading belt and optional side discharge for more flexibility. The...

  • Mid-Century Modern Cabinets by Neil Kelly Cabinets

    Mid-Century Modern cabinets comprise 10 contemporary door styles, including Post Modern, Cubist, Route 66, and Biscayne Bay. The cabinet boxes are made with no-added-urea-formaldehyde agri-board, solid wood and veneers from sustainable resources, and low-VOC glues, binders, and adhesives, says the...

  • BridgeWood Window by MI Windows and Doors

    Made from a thermoplastic alloy of acrylic and PVC, the BridgeWood window from MI Windows & Doors provides the appearance of wood with the energy efficiency, structural strength, and convenience of a composite frame, according to the manufacturer. The Green & Clean Extreme upgrade package includes...

  • Energy Efficient Design Doesn't Always Include Engineered Wood

    Green construction is taking off, but most green builders don't include certified wood in their plans. They are, however, using lots of other products you sell.

  • Green Resource

    Welcome to the premier issue of the EcoHome Update, an e-newsletter for professionals devoted to the building and remodeling of eco-friendly homes published by the housing industry's leading media company, Hanley Wood, LLC. Actually, today marks the rebranding of this newsletter, which was formerly...

  • New and Notable

    The latest green building products, including a hybrid water heater, eco-friendly wood, Energy Star-rated range hoods, an ultra-low-flow toilet, weather barriers, and much more.

  • Engineered Lumber's Green Attributes Provide Another Selling Point

    When Trus Joist introduced the first engineered I-joist in 1969, it wasn't to save the planet. It was to help save a building industry that depended on huge, old-growth trees that were quickly becoming scarce and more protected by regulators.

  • EcoTop Surface Materials

    EcoTop, a biocomposite surface material for countertops, tabletops, floors, and walls, is chic, durable, and environmentally friendly, the company says. It’s made of an FSC-certified 50/50 blend of bamboo fiber and recycled wood fiber salvaged from demolition sites, bound together by a water-based...

  • Green Products