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  • EARTHcrete From Sonoma Cast Stone

    EARTHcrete by Sonoma Cast Stone uses a high amount of recycled materials, such as paper fiber, glass and ceramics, in place of portland cement to make concrete.

  • Reports About Green Concrete

    The Skokie, ILL.-based Portland Cement Association has commissioned research suggesting that the reflectance of concrete satisfies Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council LEED requirements for reducing the heat-island effect.

  • Squak Mountain Stone Slabs From Tiger Mountain Innovations

    Rustic-looking Squak Mountain Stone slabs are made of recycled paper, cement, fly ash, and recycled glass. The material contains at least 49% post-industrial recycled content. The 11/2-inch-thick slabs are available in five colors: natural, latte, otter, thunder, and quinault. Each piece is unique...

  • Artisan Matrix Fiber-Cement Panel by James Hardie

    The Artisan Matrix fiber-cement panel boasts crisp, clean edges that allow for a layout with consistent architectural reveals on all sides, the firm says. The panels are installed on fiber-cement furring strips, which lets installers use finish nails and creates a rainscreen to drain moisture. The...