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  • The Energy and Water Connection

    The two resources need to be considered as joint issues in future sustainable efforts.

  • California May Require Net-Zero Homes by 2020

    July 9--By 2020, California regulators want builders to make new houses so energy-efficient that on balance, they consume no energy at all, state officials said.

  • Optimal Performance is Bliss

    DLR Group explains why commissioning is an essential part of evaluating environmental performance.

  • Ecosphere Technologies and Newfield Exploration Receive Permit Approval From Oklahoma Commission to Build and Operate Water Recycling Facility for Natural Gas

    Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ESPH), a diversified water engineering and services company, announces today that the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma approved a permit application by Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc. to build and operate a water recycling plant utilizing the...

  • Certification Recognizes Individuals

    Certification recognizes those with optimal knowledge of the entire building-commissioning process.

  • Efficient, Effective and Responsible Buildings Are Environmental and Economic

    Author, speaker and consultant Alan Whitson, president of the Corporate Realty, Design and Management Institute, Portland, Ore., is the creator of a seminar series, “Turning Green into Gold.”

  • Hotel Terra Brings Eco Chic to the Mountains

    A hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyo., implemented a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient heating and cooling system and made use of sustainable materials to run a green operation.

  • From the Hill: January/February 2009

    Environmental legislation news from Capitol Hill.

  • Historic Museum Is Certified Green

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House Museum is commissioned two years after achieving LEED Silver certification.