More stories about Competitions

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Phoenix House

    Team Kentuckiana's focus is on quickly deployable disaster relief housing.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: PEAK

    Team PEAK will integrate wood-paneled SIPs with a green roof and a living wall to produce an Appalachian rustic smart home.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: LISI

    Team Austria designed LISI, a prefabricated, eco-friendly, modular home designed to be easily transported in standard shipping containers.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: InSite

    Team Middlebury aims to create the residence of the future, with economic, environmental, social, and sustainable concerns in mind.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Harvest Home

    Team Capitol DC, composed of students of various disciplines from three Washington, D.C. universities, proposes a house for a wounded war veteran built of materials harvested naturally, be they reclaimed wood or solar rays.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: FluxHome

    Team USC merges smart home technologies with California bungalow aesthetics to produce a net-zero housing prototype for sustainable living.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Ecohabit House

    Stevens Team's Ecohabit House is split into wet and dry modules, with smart sensors that compile data both from users and the outside environment.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Echo

    Team Ontario proposes a future in which net-zero homes are the new norm, andresidences mimic its Echo home.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: DesertSol

    Team UNLV's DesertSol house responds to the Mojave Desert climate by capitalizing on solar energy and responsible water use.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Delta T-90

    Norwich University faces the challenge of extreme seasonal weather variations in New England by presenting its Delta T-90 house, which aims to provide a low-cost, modular home that responds to these conditions.