More stories about Competitions

  • Forward Thinking or Far-Fetched?

    A proposal converting McMansions into biofilter water treatment plants took top prize in the Reburbia Design Competition.

  • U.S. EPA Joins Government, Industry and Academic Consortium to Develop Next Generation EcoCARs

    EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has joined the EcoCAR consortium of government, industry and academic leaders who are helping to develop the next generation of automotive engineers who will design and build the environmental...

  • Socially Responsible Architects Honored at the White House

    Architecture for Humanity, recipient of the 2008 Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Patron Award

  • Eight Teams Named As Finalists in International Architecture Competition for Innovative Classroom Designs

    Teams vie for US$ 50,000 to improve schools' learning environments

  • Towns Compete to Save Energy

    Jul. 22--All it takes is a little competition to light the energy-saving spark in six Kansas communities.

  • FreeGreen Launches Eco-Home Design Competition

    Winning designs will contribute to green rebuilding efforts in tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kan.

  • Sky Vegetables

    SKY VEGETABLES, MADISON, WIS., is an urban-agriculture firm that uses a sustainable model to farm produce on grocery-store rooftops.

  • Universities Compete to Build a Solar Powered House

    Washington, D.C., is known more for filibusters and less for innovative design. For one rain-soaked week last fall, however, innovation was the theme when 18 university teams converged on the city for the Solar Decathlon, a biennial event in which students compete to see who can design, build, and...