More stories about Computers

  • No Mere Fabrication

    Technique and expression on the digital frontier.

  • Collection Point

    What a BRIK wants to be.

  • Tamper-Resistant Receptacle

    Cooper Wiring Devices. The company’s tamper-resistant receptacle with USB port is a convenient and energy-saving alternative to the adapters and computers required to charge many electronic devices.

  • Lean and Green

    New Web-based and cloud-based tools strip away some of the obstacles to running an efficient office.

  • Alternative Energy Monitoring System From EcoDog

    EcoDog. The Fido Solar Energy Watchdog system provides homeowners with a room-by-room graphic overview of the homes energy use, personalized saving tips and text notifications, and monitoring for alternative energy systems. Net-metering displays show alternative energy input from multiple sources...

  • Dri-Design Ombrae

    Dri-Design’s Ombrae Imaging Technology uses an advanced computer software system to cut 3-D pixels into panels.

  • Sensors Log Measurements

    Veris Industries manufactures a range of plug-in AC current sensors for use with HOBO U12-006 data loggers from Onset Computer Corp.

  • Fiber Optic Skylight From HUVCO Daylighting Solutions

    The Fiber Optic Skylight by HUVCO Daylighting Solutions comprises an exterior mounted panel containing 64 computer-controlled lenses that focus sunlight into optical fibers.