More stories about Concrete

  • CalStar Thru-Wall Units

    CalStar Products is expanding its masonry line with a Thru-Wall unit.

  • Concrete in Motion

    The high-performance unitized Liquid Wall system aims to revolutionize curtainwall systems.

  • AltusGroup CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels

    CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels from AltusGroup comprise two concrete wythes separated by rigid foam insulation boards connected by C-Grid carbon fiber grid shear trusses.

  • Building Green With Blended Cements

    A look at the performance and sustainable advantages of using supplementary cementitious materials in concrete construction.

  • Drivable Grass by Soil Retention

    Drivable Grass consists of tilelike, 2-foot-by-2-foot concrete squares connected into a mat by a grid system. Landscapers can plant grass through lattice-style holes and cracks that let roots penetrate through the mat into the soil, anchoring it firmly into place, the manufacturer says. The mat’s...

  • U.S. Green Concrete Council Releases Guide on Sustainable Concrete

    “The Sustainable Concrete Guide—Strategies and Examples” contains eight chapters addressing concrete and sustainability.

  • Strong Results for World of Concrete

    World of Concrete 2010delivered another strong event with 55,108 registered professionals and 1,354 exhibiting companies.

  • Ceramic Tile Installation is Key

    To ensure ceramic tile truly is green, you must be aware of installation processes.

  • Reports About Green Concrete

    The Skokie, ILL.-based Portland Cement Association has commissioned research suggesting that the reflectance of concrete satisfies Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council LEED requirements for reducing the heat-island effect.

  • Green Construction is Here to Stay

    Whether you are completely convinced that human activity is causing global warming or think Al Gore invented it the way he did the Internet, you likely are to be involved in a project in the very near future that incorporates sustainability concepts. Sustainability is here to stay and there is no...