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  • UnderFloorSox From DuctSox

    UnderFloorSox from DuctSox is an air-dispersion system designed to reduce thermal decay and improve temperature consistency within the plenum for underfloor-air-distribution systems in retrofit and new-construction commercial buildings.

  • Sustainable Buildings Must Perform

    John Tooley, senior building science consultant with Advanced Energy, Raleigh, N.C., explains that doing it right the first time is an often-neglected aspect of sustainability.

  • A Job-Site Trailer Receives Green Makeover

    An eco-friendly makeover will ensure the Green Trailer consumes a fraction of the energy of a typical construction-site trailer while providing a more pleasant user experience.

  • GSA Scrutinizes Underfloor-Air Distribution

    Lessons learned from underfloor-air distribution systems with pressurized plenums are the basis for new GSA design standards and criteria.

  • Research Touts Suspended Ceilings' Benefits

    Research from the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association, St. Charles, Ill., reveals suspended ceilings can reduce a building’s lifetime operating costs through energy and maintenance savings.

  • Vail Titan Select Roof Shingles by Custom-Bilt Metals

    With solid 26-gauge Galvalume construction and an interlocking tab design that aligns panels and creates a waterproof channel, Vail Titan Select shingles stand up to harsh weather, the company says. The Cool Roof Reflective Paint System, which features BASF and Kynar 500 reflective pigmentation...

  • Join the Conversation

    Aside from the mold catastrophe a few years ago, few topics in the construction industry get people talking, sharing, and debating quite as much as green building. At EcoHome, we want to keep adding to the conversation with new and improved ways to give you resources and keep you involved.

  • Top Five Green Building Mistakes

    How to avoid the five most common errors builders make when it comes to energy, health, and resource efficiency.

  • With closed-cell spray foam, the benefits go way beyond R-value

    These days, it's not an exaggeration to say that almost all homeowners expect their homes to be durable, energy efficient, safe, and comfortable. But this is especially true in coastal markets that cater to high-end clients who demand supreme quality and impeccable performance from their homes.

  • Green Building's Five Deadly Sins

    In a heartbeat, Tom Hoyt, co-founder of McStain Neighborhoods, recalls a striking example of how painful and costly missteps in building green homes at a high volume can be.