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  • Building Science: 5 Criteria for Evaluating and Comparing Air Filters

    Gaseous pollutants and particulate matter create an invisible pollutant soup in homes. The type of air filters you provide can have a lasting impact on indoor air quality.

  • The Facts about Energy Recovery Ventilators

    ERVs recycle energy from the building’s exhaust air to pre-treat the outside air/ventilation air.

  • Roof Restoration Versus Reroofing

    Advancements in roofing membranes can help reduce capital costs by restoring rather than replacing roofs, which helps reduce waste materials headed to landfills.

  • Blue Marble Spa

    Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mission Bay in San Diego, the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina strives to pamper guests in a pristine setting.

  • Certifying Small Wind Turbine Performance

    Small wind turbines have great potential to serve increasing demand for energy generation while being a cost-effective solution for commercial and residential end-users. However, several obstacles have hindered greater use of small wind turbines. Performance specifications are not standardized, and...

  • Wind Turbine From Marquiss Wind Power

    Marquiss Wind Power’s rooftop wind turbine has a lower cost per kilowatt hour than solar power.Its patented ducted design and self-stabilization address the challenge of attachment to rooftops. The turbine also has a low installation cost.

  • Taking Note of Green Cleaning

    Green cleaning is an easy and cost-effective way to protect the environment.

  • Tool Estimates LEED Project Costs

    To help solve LEED-cost issues, MHTN Architects Inc., Salt Lake City, developed a cost-estimating tool.

  • From the Hill: March 2009

    Environmental legislation news from Capitol Hill.

  • Innovations: September 2008

    These products will help achieve sustainability.