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  • Tax Breaks Push Green Residential Fixups

    Jul. 15--If homeowners work to make their homes greener this year, they could end up with more green in their pockets next year.

  • Government Incentives for Renewable Energy to Boost the North American Renewable Energy Market, Says Frost & Sullivan

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Renewable energy sources gain attention as fossil fuels continue to decrease and fluctuate in price.

  • Canada Uses Six Principles for Healthy Building Envelope

    Within the Ottawa, Ontario-based Canada Green Building Council’s LEED program, Materials and Resources credit 8 for Durable Buildings encourages these performance objectives. MRc8 contributes 1 point to the building’s LEED rating but more importantly provides a six-step process to prevent...

  • Tool Estimates LEED Project Costs

    To help solve LEED-cost issues, MHTN Architects Inc., Salt Lake City, developed a cost-estimating tool.

  • Solar for Everyone

    The sun shines everywhere, and bountiful sunlight could provide the energy to power a skyline dotted with dispersed solar-power plants.

  • Horst Discusses the Future of LEED

    Scot Horst, president of Horst Inc. and chair of USGBC's LEED Steering Committee shares his thoughts about the future of the rating system and where the industry is headed.

  • BIM Facilitates Greener Buildings

    Strategies for conserving energy in tomorrow’s buildings have taken center stage in the push to decrease the environmental impact of the built environment.

  • Simonton Says Tax Credit May Be Helping Sales

    Simonton Windows said last week it has recalled 110 employees to two manufacturing facilities, mainly as part of its traditional spring sales revival but also because recent tax credits appear to be spurring more interest in energy-efficient windows.

  • Simonton Says Tax Credit May Be Helping Sales

    Window maker rehires 110 recently laid-off workers.

  • Gehman Remodeling Turns Tax Credit Into Marketing Tool

    E-mail newsletter positions green remodeler as industry expert.