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  • Collaborative Life Sciences Building for OHSU, PSU & OSU

    To focus on rigorous sustainability with multiple stakeholders is challenging without clear leadership from the design team, and it’s obvious the design leadership had to follow through on clearly identified priorities, but this project demonstrates that even a large building with a complex program...

  • Solid-State Housing

    The Tiny House movement might seem like the future, but Richard Reep with New Geography argues that real innovation lies with solid-state housing.

  • Enter in ARCHITECT's Ninth Annual R+D Awards

    Enter your innovative, ingenious, and compelling design strategies, digital tools, building products, and more in ARCHITECT's ninth annual R+D Awards program. New this year: an online submission process (finally)! Winners are published in the July issue of ARCHITECT.

  • Old World Style, New World Comfort

    Transforming old and abandoned buildings into modern homes is no small task, but Scottish design studio WT Architecture is well-versed in restoration. In their most recent project, WT Architecture transformed the inside of an old threshing mill into a comfortable modern home.

  • The Quietest Passive House

    The Passive House craze is fueled by a drive for energy-efficiency, but there are other, hidden benefits.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Builds Eco-Resort in Belize

    Several years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a small island in Belize. He now plans to build an eco-resort and sustainable residential homes on the island with Living Building Challenge founder Jason F. McLennan as the lead architect. The resort is poised to be a model for eco-tourism with a...

  • A March Madness Bracket for Architecture Buffs

    ARCHITECT has created a march madness bracket pitting 32 of the AIA's Twenty-Five Year Award winners against each other. Over 500 people voted in Round One, knocking the building pool down to 16 finalists. Join the fun and vote for Round Two finalists today!

  • Vertical, Indoor Farming

    The Vertical Harvest greenhouse hopes to grow produce for a town with a climate that prevents traditional farming.

  • Soul of a Treehouse, Style of a Summer Home

    A triangular design gives this summer home a childilke aura.

  • It’s a Room Divider, It’s a Sound Insulator, It’s a… Cactus?

    A solution for dividing office space that improves sound management as much as spirits, BuzziCactus is a fun, multi-purpose, sustainable design for the open office.