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  • Eco Friendly Accommodations for Eco Tourists

    Suspended tents are an eco-friendly tourism option that also add a sense of fun to camping trips.

  • In the Lap of Sustainable Luxury

    Furniture craftsmen Hellman-Chang have been selling their luxury designs to buyers like the Ritz and Waldorf Astoria for nearly a decade, and even with pieces featured in show rooms in 13 major cities, the materials are sourced within 10 miles of their Brooklyn studio.

  • 7 Ways to Enhance Indoor Environments with Biophilic Design

    Human beings not only respond positively to nearby nature, but to variation in biophilic patterns and strategies. From fractals to changes in airflow, capitalizing on the biophilia hypothesis goes far beyond putting a plant in a room. Here are some of the lesser known benefits of biophilic design...

  • Back Home in the Grain Silo?

    Could your home fit on a pickup truck? Possibly. But did it also hold grain at one point in time? That's the case for the home of architect Christoph Kaiser who renovated an old grain silo and transformed it into a 190-square-foot home that he occupies with his wife. Nearly everything in the home...

  • Industry Group WoodWorks Honors 16 Projects Framed by Timber

    An initiative of the Wood Products Council, the group's 2015 awards recognize industrial, institutional, multifamily, and commercial projects that use wood for its structural, acoustic, and design potential.

  • 6 Key Design Trends Coming to Cities

    By 2050, an estimated 70 percent of the global population will live in urban areas. Accommodating such rapid, dense population growth will require changes in lifestyle and design, some of which are already making their way into urban planning and multifamily.

  • Free Floating House Floor Plans

    Free blueprints for floating homes will be available online for the masses.

  • Stylish LED Lamps Take Sustainable Design to the Next Level

    With a focus on research and development of LED lamps, Italian lighting design company Foscarini adds sustainable value and functionality by producing their own light source.

  • A Hybrid Structure Built Around a Footbridge

    VORTEX, the raw wooden sculpture, strewn with strands of LEDs, visualizes the amount of energy consumed by the unique, environmentally forward site with varying degrees of illumination. 1024 Architecture constructed the interactive architectural sculpture for the Darwin Ecosystem Project in...

  • Task-Oriented Tables for Collaborative Workspaces

    Architect products editor Hallie Busta showcases five chic and modern surfaces that allow a seamless shift between group work and solo tasks in the office.