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  • Newsletter Promotes Cypress Benefits

    The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, Pittsburgh, has introduced a new e-newsletter designed for architects, designers, builders and homeowners interested in learning more about cypress, a naturally sustainable, durable and versatile forest resource.

  • Practicing What They Preach

    Autodesk's Massachusetts office demonstrates usage of BIM and IPD

  • Wall Base Colors From Nora Systems Inc.

    Nora systems Inc. has expanded its nora wall base to 70 standard colors to appeal to designers, architects, contractors and installers.

  • Modular Angle Wall From DIRTT

    DIRTT’s modular Angle Wall marries interactive 3-D software and parametric engineering. Designers can manipulate one or many angles in any increment up to 15 degrees off perpendicular. Frames also can be designed off vertical to the same degree. Finish options include glass or veneer inserts and...

  • Zero-VOC Exterior Paint From YOLO Colorhouse

    YOLO Colorhouse has introduced its Outside line, a high-performance, zero-VOC exterior paint in a designer palette that considers changes in natural light during the course of a day.

  • Solatube Designer Touches from Solatube International Inc.

    Solatube International Inc.’s Solatube Designer Touches is a line of designer daylighting for homeowners seeking stylish options and designers integrating daylighting into their projects.

  • Energy Star Recognizes the Energy Performance of Buildings: Interview with Karen P. Butler

    The Energy Star label can apply to the energy efficiency of entire buildings, as well as the appliances within.

  • Dense Neighborhoods, Smaller Homes Need Not Sacrifice Design

    “How do you bring green to a broad audience?” architect Steven DeWan, AIA, asked the audience during the “12 Tips to Transform Any Plan Into a Green House Plan” seminar at the International Builders’ Show. “Through design.”

  • Solace Windows by Owens Corning

    Solace windows are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl. Designed for the replacement and remodeling markets, windows in the Solace line exceed Energy Star requirements in all climate zones, and feature overall U-factors as low as 0.15. Options include 17 color combinations, designer glass...

  • The interrelationship between a daylight source, windows, and a room.

    Today a working knowledge of daylighting needs to be part of every lighting designer's skill set. But in fact, Daylighting is a broad term that encompasses many methods and techniques. This article explains some of the fundamental principles of daylighting with windows and clerestories, aptly...