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  • Zero-VOC Exterior Paint From YOLO Colorhouse

    YOLO Colorhouse has introduced its Outside line, a high-performance, zero-VOC exterior paint in a designer palette that considers changes in natural light during the course of a day.

  • Solatube Designer Touches from Solatube International Inc.

    Solatube International Inc.’s Solatube Designer Touches is a line of designer daylighting for homeowners seeking stylish options and designers integrating daylighting into their projects.

  • Energy Star Recognizes the Energy Performance of Buildings: Interview with Karen P. Butler

    The Energy Star label can apply to the energy efficiency of entire buildings, as well as the appliances within.

  • Dense Neighborhoods, Smaller Homes Need Not Sacrifice Design

    “How do you bring green to a broad audience?” architect Steven DeWan, AIA, asked the audience during the “12 Tips to Transform Any Plan Into a Green House Plan” seminar at the International Builders’ Show. “Through design.”

  • Solace Windows by Owens Corning

    Solace windows are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl. Designed for the replacement and remodeling markets, windows in the Solace line exceed Energy Star requirements in all climate zones, and feature overall U-factors as low as 0.15. Options include 17 color combinations, designer glass...

  • The interrelationship between a daylight source, windows, and a room.

    Today a working knowledge of daylighting needs to be part of every lighting designer's skill set. But in fact, Daylighting is a broad term that encompasses many methods and techniques. This article explains some of the fundamental principles of daylighting with windows and clerestories, aptly...

  • Is incandescent lighting on its way out?

    With so many recent proclamations to "Ban the Bulb," politicians and manufacturers seem to have made a cut and dry case against incandescent sources. But is there a legitimate complaint? Are compact fluorescent lamps the solution, as this "Ban" would advocate? Or is it a far more complex issue with...