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    Boomers defining things, again.

  • Urban Reinvestments

    Three schools, three cities, and one loaded term.

  • Executive Summary

    Repositioning architects for the 21st century.

  • Deep Green: Materials, Resources, and Contention

    Industry groups foresee problems with the proposed changes to LEED. We look at some of the concerns with LEED v4.

  • Two New, Free LEED-ND Tools Available

    The USGBC and the Land Use Law Center at Pace Law School introduce two resources to help local governments leverage LEED for Neighborhood Development as a tool for sustainable development.

  • Under One Roof

    Our reality and our destiny.

  • Social Sustainability Takes Center Stage

    A study commissioned by the Berkeley Group in the United Kingdom seeks to understand the importance and relevance of social sustainability to the housing industry.

  • Walkable Urbanism Combats Climate Change

    Sustainable Communities chair Leinberger details why demand mitigation through developing walkable, transit-oriented, urban communities is effective in combating climate change.

  • USGBC Fact Checks USA Today

    In round four of the back and forth between USA Today and the USGBC over the on-going series on the green-building organization and LEED, USGBC vice president of LEED technical development Brendan Owens weighs in.

  • Urban Land Institute Looks Toward 2020 and Beyond

    Demographics, lifestyles, business model changes, and environmental challenges all factors in creating the master-planned communities of the future.