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  • Buckminster Fuller Challenge Awards $100,000

    The annual Buckminster Fuller Institute competition chooses Operation Hope, an initiative to save African grasslands, as its 2010 winner, and names the Living Building Challenge as an honorable mention.

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development Launches

    The USGBC has kicked off its initiative for green community planning, LEED for Neighborhood Development.

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development Launched

    After a three-year pilot program, LEED-ND is officially launched, becoming the seventh LEED rating system from the U.S. Green Building Council.

  • NAHB Conference Workshops to Offer Insights Into All Aspects of Green Home Building

    Session topics include green retrofits, neighborhood development, water conservation, product certification, and more.

  • Creating An Olympic Hero

    Any 355,000-square-foot facility will have environmental impacts. The sheer size alone implies a drain on materials, natural resources, and local ecosystems. The Richmond Olympic Oval offers a new slant on large-scale design, however, as the speed skating venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in...

  • Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Offers A Low-Carb Plan For Chicago

    The first phase of the Chicago Central Area Decarbonization Plan focuses on eight key strategies to meet the city’s carbon emissions reduction goals.

  • Arcosanti is an Experiment in Urban Implosion

    Focusing on compact urban planning, Arcosanti is a living laboratory for an anti-sprawl city.

  • [merz]project Creates an Ideal Work-Live Structure in Phoenix

    Designing with the desert heat in mind, [merrz]project provides a versatile structure that accomodates a variety of functions while keeping operating costs low.

  • Landfill Gas Provides Usable Energy

    Using a series of wells or blower, flare, or vacuum systems, landfill gas can be extracted and converted into usable energy

  • Listening to the Land: Site Design Merges with Building Design

    The fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design are now resonating with developers, investors, and corporate users and in turn, also are influencing building design.