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  • Progress on Denver 2020 Goals and Beyond

    The city has reached a 10% per capita reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but continues to build partnerships and educate to achieve higher sustainability goals.

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    Part two in a three-part series on balancing design and business.

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    Video explores economic shifts required to change course toward sustainability.

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    It's closer, literally, than you think.

  • Biophilic Design Could Save Millions of Dollars

    Incorporating access to nature and other biophilic design strategies could save millions in healthcare costs and in employee wages across all industries, as well as add millions to profits, according to a new white paper from Terrapin Bright Green.

  • State of the World 2012

    A new book takes the latest stab at instilling urgency about global environmental stewardship, including a chapter on improving sustainable building practices.

  • The Value of Efficiency

    Dutch economist and sustainable-property research expert Nils Kok explains some findings of his research into the market value of green buildings.

  • Power Play

    Skate where the puck is going to be.

  • EPA Guide for Sustainability Published

    The “Green Book” provides tools the agency can use for a sustainable approach to environmental regulation.

  • House Proud

    One of the strongest pillars of our economy, not to mention one of America's core values, is homeownership.