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  • Self-Tinting Glass From Pleotint

    Pleotint. Using sunlight-responsive thermochromic technology, Pleotint glass darkens in direct sunlight, reducing heat and glare while maintaining the view; because the sun does the work, no wiring is required. The film is the same base material used in laminated safety glass, so it also prevents...

  • Thermal Imager From Fluke Tools

    Fluke Tools. Priced below $2,500, the TiS Thermal Imager provides a lower-priced option for diagnosing moisture intrusion, energy loss, missing insulation, HVAC problems, and electrical overheating, says the manufacturer. The unit, which can survive a 6 1/2-foot drop, features manual focus and a...

  • Taking Control with Lighting

    Lighting control systems can reap big energy savings.

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  • DC Power standard released

    The EMerge Alliance introduces a standard for use of DC power in commercial interiors

  • Future-Proofing Garages for Electric Cars

    Plug-in vehicles may finally be hitting the mainstream. Are your garages ready?

  • White Paper Details Energy Challenges

    A new white paper from Portland Energy Conservation Inc., Portland, Ore., “Wiring the Smart Grid for Energy Savings: Integrating Buildings to Maximize Investment,” by PECI technical director Hannah Friedman, asserts the materialization of building energy savings is critical to making the smart grid...

  • LBNL Attains Excellence in Green Design

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was established in Berkeley, Calif., in 1931 by Ernest Orlando Lawrence, a physicist who won a Nobel Prize for his physics work.

  • Everlume Line by Progress Lighting

    The company incorporates LEDs rather than light bulbs into six families of LED fixtures, including mini pendants, cove lighting, step lighting, and recessed fixtures. The manufacturer's Everlume line (pictured) uses a high-output, warm white LED source, which can be dimmed with standard...

  • Flame Tip LED Chandelier Bulbs by LEDTronics

    Flame Tip LED Chandelier bulbs offer the familiar shape and E12 candelabra-base of the 12-watt incandescent bulbs they replace, but house a cluster of LED lamps inside for a long life span of up to 50,000 hours. The bulbs, which come in warm white and “filament” white, consume 1.2 watts but provide...