More stories about Energy-Efficient Construction

  • BEopt for Efficiency

    NREL software expands to include energy-efficiency upgrades for existing homes.

  • A Passion for Performance

    DOE's Sam Rashkin receives The 2012 Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing.

  • Financing for Multifamily Retrofits

    Living Cities, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation study demonstrates energy and financial savings from multifamily project upgrades in New York.

  • Seattle 2030 District Unveils Energy Dashboard

    A public-private alliance seeks to reduce the consumption and environmental impacts of buildings.

  • EPA Names Cities with Most Energy Star–Certified Buildings in 2011

    Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. remain on top once again, but Atlanta and Chicago gain ground. Riverside, Calif., and Boston also crack the top 10.

  • Case Study: The New American Home 2012

    The New American Home 2012 achieved the highest levels of green building certification possible, providing insight into the process and by-products of submitting to such standards.

  • Product Review: Modular Homes

    Modular homes combine factory efficiency with building science expertise to achieve new levels of performance.

  • Carbon Reporting to Get a Boost

    Service providers are delivering a higher level of detail to enable companies to analyze and prioritize their carbon footprint and that of their supply chain.

  • Common Codes Gradually Become Greener

    Thomas Kenney provides an insider's perspective on codes and standards, and the obstacles and opportunities we face on the road toward a carbon neutral building industry.

  • The Energy and Water Connection

    The two resources need to be considered as joint issues in future sustainable efforts.