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  • A Plugged-In Prefab Sustainable Smart Home

    A prefab home assembled in just 10 days is sustainable via passive design and green insulation, but also gets right to the root of energy efficiency through the latest in smart home technology.

  • Solid-State Housing

    The Tiny House movement might seem like the future, but Richard Reep with New Geography argues that real innovation lies with solid-state housing.

  • Wind Turbines: The Future of Mixed-Use Development?

    Wind turbines have long been subject of NIMBY-ism on the count of aesthetics and noise complaints. For those who are more eco-friendly and could care less, there are the residential wind systems that promise just enough power for one acre of land, or a small business. And then there are the...

  • The Quietest Passive House

    The Passive House craze is fueled by a drive for energy-efficiency, but there are other, hidden benefits.

  • Designing Affordable and Energy-Efficient Homes

    Nearly two years after winning ARCHITECT's R+D Award, architecture professor John Quale is taking his EcoMod concept around the world. EcoMod applies energy-efficient and passive design concepts to affordable housing, weighing the costs and benefits through long-term performance monitoring. The...

  • Nine Key Steps to Build a Healthy Home

    From radon mitigation and proper ventilation to moisture control, these strategies are often overlooked in builders' battle for superior indoor air quality. Here are nine important steps to building a healthier home from Brandon Weiss, founder of Chicago-based Evolutionary Home Builders.

  • Eiffel Tower Energy Production

    Wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower, and will generate enough power to maintain the entire first floor of the structure, including a souvenir shop, restaurant, and exhibits.

  • A Solar-Powered Home With a Sauna

    Going off the grid doesn't mean giving up amenities, exemplified by this solar-powered home with a heated pool and sauna.

  • A Hybrid Structure Built Around a Footbridge

    VORTEX, the raw wooden sculpture, strewn with strands of LEDs, visualizes the amount of energy consumed by the unique, environmentally forward site with varying degrees of illumination. 1024 Architecture constructed the interactive architectural sculpture for the Darwin Ecosystem Project in...

  • 6 Steps to Ensure the Home You Buy is Energy-Efficient

    Here are six simple steps you can take during your homebuying search to ensure the house you buy won't break the bank with high energy bills later.