More stories about Energy-Efficient Design

  • Wisconsin Turns Away from Energy Star

    Builders in the state and elsewhere have abandoned the program as too costly and inflexible.

  • The Next Built Environment, Today

    Energy & Carbon chairs Edward Mazria and Francesca Desmarais examine what the building sector needs to do to expand sustainable design and reduce carbon levels to 350 ppm by 2030.

  • Walkable Urbanism Combats Climate Change

    Sustainable Communities chair Leinberger details why demand mitigation through developing walkable, transit-oriented, urban communities is effective in combating climate change.

  • Case Study: Simple Solutions

    Passive solar design, PV arrays, and a greywater system help this Los Angeles home reach its high-performance goals.

  • Target: HVAC

    The next wave of HVAC systems may just evolve from this prototype evaporative air conditioning system.

  • Packing a Punch

    The tiny Crib project blends the vernacular aesthetic of the corncrib outside and the functionality of the lofted cabin inside.

  • At the Crossroads ... Again

    The energy question that the country's punted for 40 years has become much more complicated and dangerous.

  • The Future of Hot Water Design

    By taking a systemic approach to hot water distribution design, new homes will be able to cut hot water use by 50%.

  • EHDA Grand Award: VOLKsHouse

    This Santa Fe, N.M., house shows how production housing and net-zero energy can go hand in hand.

  • EHDA Grand Award: TerraHaus

    First Passive House-certified student residence hall in the United States earns special recognition from the EHDA jury.