More stories about Energy-Efficient Windows

  • Overlook Clipper Mill LEED-Silver Homes in Baltimore Bring Contemporary Style to an Historic Mill

    A touch of contemporary design and sustainability revitalizes a historic site in Charm City.

  • Serious Materials to Launch Super-Efficient Window

    Serious Materials, which recently acquired window innovator Alpen Energy Group, is tackling the wall’s most inefficient component with a new line of windows boasting unit R-values of 5 to 15. The company achieved this level, which is significantly higher than the R-2.5 to R-3 of a typical...

  • A Close Look at Common Energy Claims

    You can't gauge the truth of an opinion by the frequency of its repetition. Exhibit A: Builders' opinions concerning energy, insulation, heating, and cooling. A fair percentage of these beliefs — derived in part from product marketing, obsolete recommendations from "experts," and oft-repeated tales...

  • Expanding Choices for High-Performance Window Glazings

    The decision to specify energy-efficient windows in your new homes or remodeling projects is a relative no-brainer; in fact, they’ve long since passed mainstream status given energy codes, local requirements, and buyers’ awareness and demand for more efficient products. Energy Star–rated windows...

  • The interrelationship between a daylight source, windows, and a room.

    Today a working knowledge of daylighting needs to be part of every lighting designer's skill set. But in fact, Daylighting is a broad term that encompasses many methods and techniques. This article explains some of the fundamental principles of daylighting with windows and clerestories, aptly...

  • Electrochromic glass is revolutionizing daylighting control

    The pleasure afforded by a lovely view has always come at the expense of thermal efficiency, glare, and compromised security, a meager tradeoff for the many favorable attributes that windows afford. They frame scenes of the natural and manmade environment, and they let natural sunlight permeate our...

  • Energy Concerns Driving Window Sales

    During its seven years as an ENERGY STAR partner, Parkersburg, W. Va.-based Simonton Windows has seen a 25 percent increase in requests for products meeting ENERGY STAR guidelines according to a recent company statement.

  • Selecting Low-E Windows

    Low-E glazing is marketed under a variety of names: SunBlocker, Sun-Coat, SunGate, and ComfortGlaze to name a few. Although it's clear that these products have something to do with energy efficiency, the name doesn't really tell how one might perform compared to another.

  • Energy Saving Glass

    With fuel prices rising, energy-saving glass options could be the next big high-end upsell. Republic now has five glazing options for its high-end Enhancement line, each one with a “fuel savings pledge” ranging from 30% to 40%.