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  • Moisture Barrier

    Cosella-Dorken. The Delta-Fassade S water-resistive barrier acts as a durable drainage plane, channeling water to the outside of the home and protecting the building enclosure from moisture infiltration.

  • Martin Professional Exterior 100 IP68

    Compact and water-resistant, the Exterior 100 can withstand extreme outdoor and underwater environments.

  • Trikeenan Tileworks Boneyard Brick

    Salvaged thin brick from Metropolitan Ceramics is combined with Trikeenan's recycled glazes to creaste brick suitable for indoor and exterior use.

  • RainPerfect Pump

    The solar-powered RainPerfect pump for rain barrels provides pressure for a garden hose or low-pressure sprinklers without the need for an electrical hookup.

  • Composite or PVC: Which One is Best?

    Tell dealers a species or grade of wood and, more likely than not, they can envision exactly what you're talking about and detail its qualities. But then try asking them to explain what makes one brand's wood-plastic composite (WPC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking or trim different from...

  • UV-Resistant Canopy Kits From Feeney Architectural Products

    Feeney Architectural Products. Lightline canopies combine 304-grade stainless steel support arms, UV-resistant visor panes, and integrated anodized aluminum rain gutters and hardware for a modern take on the traditional overhang. Shipped as kits, the canopies come in curved, arch, or gable styles...

  • Product Review: Water-Efficient Landscaping

    Reducing outdoor water use is a top priority. Here’s how to combine design and technology for water-efficient landscaping.

  • Fly Ash-Content Bricks From CalStar

    CalStar. Made with fly ash, water, and sand and manufactured with a vibro-compaction process and cured for less time and at a lower temperature, CalStar bricks generate 85% less CO2 and use 85% less energy in production than traditional fired clay, the company says. The bricks incorporate 40%...

  • Vinyl Siding From Tapco

    Tapco. Foundry vinyl cedar shake siding features a rough-sawn look and staggered butt ends and varied widths for a cedar appearance. It comes in 7- and 10-inch exposures and is available with Fullback, a foam backer that adds a 3.96 R-value. The company participates in EcoScorecard, which allows...

  • Energy Star-Certified Doors From Therma-Tru

    Therma-Tru. Entry doors in the Classic-Craft Canvas Collection are made with smooth fiberglass and shipped ready to paint. The Energy Star–certified doors come in five styles—two-panel square top, two-panel plank soft arch, four-panel arch top, five-panel, and one-panel plank Craftsman—and with...