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  • HardieZone Fiber-Cement Siding System From James Hardie

    The HardieZone System, the company’s latest generation of fiber-cement siding, is formulated and engineered for optimum performance under varying climate conditions to further ensure durability and longevity. HZ5 siding, for northern climates, offers a formulation designed to withstand freezing...

  • Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap From Benjamin Obdyke

    Filaments on Hydrofilament drainable housewrap create a 1-millimeter gap, providing pathways for trapped moisture to escape and helping exterior walls dry more quickly. According to the firm, the wrap’s performance characteristics do not diminish over time and after exposure to wet conditions. The...

  • ProWood Micro Wood Decking from Universal Forest Products

    ProWood Micro wood is treated with Osmose’s MicroPro, a preservative that has earned Scientific Certification Systems’ Environmentally Preferable Product certification. MicroPro copper wood pre-servative doesn’t need organic solvents to dissolve its copper components, says the maker, instead using...

  • 2009 Editors' Choice Awards

    Ten eco-friendly building products that bring new choices and solutions for addressing water and resource conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and site design.

  • The Facts about Energy Recovery Ventilators

    ERVs recycle energy from the building’s exhaust air to pre-treat the outside air/ventilation air.

  • Decorative Metal Castings From Iron Age Designs

    This manufacturer creates decorative metal castings from a minimum 80% post-consumer recycled iron. Available products include drain grates, trench grates, tree grates, and other custom grates. 206.276.0925.

  • GDL002 FloodLED Floodlight From LEDtronics

    The series GDL002 FloodLED floodlight features low power consumption and a glare-free design that enhances night vision, according to the maker. It is available in warm white 3000K, cool white 8000K, and pure white 5500K color temperatures. The LED will operate for more than 50,000 hours, the...

  • Eco-Friendly Fireplace Gemstones From FireCrystals

    For use in indoor or outdoor natural gas fireplaces, eco-friendly FireCrystals have the lowest fine-particulate emissions per unit of heat delivered, the maker says. As a direct replacement for gas or wood logs, FireCrystals emit all the beauty of a burning fire without releasing soot or ash into...

  • Bricks, Pavers, and Cobblestones From Gavin Historical Bricks

    The company’s bricks, pavers, and cobblestones originated on historical buildings and roads. The 150-plus-year-old European-blend cobblestones shown here, reclaimed from U.S. streets, offer a smooth surface look from decades of wear. Other products include Old Chicago–style bricks, Antique Indiana...

  • Affordably Sustainable in Portland

    Helensview Heights is all about sustainability, but far more than just the stuff you can feel, touch, or tack onto a house.