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  • Affordable straw bale homes in Lopez Island, Washington, look to achieve zero energy.

    Affordable community of straw bale homes looks to achieve zero net energy within five years.

  • Marketing Environmentally Friendly Products

    The "green" that sells eco-friendly, energy-efficient houses isn't necessarily the kind that can save the earth. It could be the kind that your customers want to keep in their wallets.

  • Codding Builds Mixed-use Development

    Codding Enterprises of Rohnert Park, Calif., is getting back into residential development in a big way. The shopping center-centric company, which boasts turn-of-the-century home builder roots, is manning a 10-year build-out of Sonoma Mountain Village, a $1 billion multiuse project to include 1,900...

  • Energy Efficient Multi-family High Rises

    Russell Albanese remembers the days when creating an environmentally friendly building was little more than an afterthought for most people. “At conferences, they always scheduled the green building seminar for the last day of the conference, when just about everyone had gone home,” Albanese says...

  • The nation's largest solar neighborhood takes shape in California.

    Home buyers at three Lennar neighborhoods in Northern California will be surprised to learn that their new house will come with a mini power plant. The Sacramento division of the national builder is offering a solar power system on all its houses as a standard feature.

  • More multifamily properties feature earth-friendly building technologies

    It's still not as ubiquitous as WiFi or resident portals, but green technology is beginning to power more multifamily buildings. "We're at the beginning of an upswing when it comes to green building technology and multifamily applications," believes Paula Cino, a senior legislative analyst at the...

  • Green Project from around the country.

    It's not easy being green when building affordable housing, according to the Cambridge, Mass.-based Homeowner's Rehab officials who designed a 40-unit affordable housing project called Trolley Square in Cambridge.

  • Multi-Family developers learn which Green techniques have financial payback.

    There's no doubt about it: Green building is red-hot today. But despite all the hype, the reality of "going green" is still confusing for many. "Developers want to know if green building is a far-out utopian dream with waterless toilets and solar heating, or if there is a practical application that...

  • Green Building Conference

    The 2005 Green Building Conference showcased the many faces—and dispelled many of the myths—of sustainable building.

  • Building Green High Rises

    Even in the midst of New York's blustery, barren winter, the Big Apple is getting a little greener. The Albanese Organization and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. have broken ground on its newest green creation, a 253-unit apartment community in lower Manhattan's Battery Park City.