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  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a viable alternative to traditional HVAC

    Geothermal heating and cooling systems are earning their reputations as a viable alternative to traditional HVAC.

  • New and Notable

    The latest green building products, including a hybrid water heater, eco-friendly wood, Energy Star-rated range hoods, an ultra-low-flow toilet, weather barriers, and much more.

  • Water Conservation Plays Key Green Role in New Mexico Condominiums

    In the dry climate of New Mexico, water conservation takes center stage in any discussion of green building. Bill Roth, president of Clear Creek Management Corp., is showing that efficient practices needn’t require special training or special orders.

  • New + Notable

    Kohler. The industry’s first one-piece, 1.0-gpf, high-efficiency toilet with pressure assist technology, the San Raphael Pressure Lite uses compressed air to propel water for strong flushing power. According to the firm, the toilet, which carries the EPA WaterSense label, can save a household of...

  • Peak Performance

    Heating and cooling systems account for nearly 50% of a home’s energy consumption, so your choice of equipment and the way it is installed are keys to success for any green builder. And as the focus on energy efficiency has led to improved building shell performance (including high-performance...

  • Geothermal HVAC Systems Ease Energy Costs

    It is clear that the builders who are selling homes in this downturn are doing so by offering products that are different from those of the competition. As several companies building solar-powered homes around the Sacramento metro area–including Lennar and Pulte–have discovered, energy efficiency...

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality With Whole-House Ventilation

    Whole-house ventilation isn’t just a good idea, it should be a standard feature in your homes. Here’s how it works.

  • Seven principles of green building

    The first time I remember hearing about green building was in the early-'70s, when a perfect blend of hippie culture and rising oil costs resulted in, among other things, houses called "earth ships" that incorporated wall systems made from old tires filled with dirt. But also, through some hits and...

  • Energy Efficient Multi-family High Rises

    Russell Albanese remembers the days when creating an environmentally friendly building was little more than an afterthought for most people. “At conferences, they always scheduled the green building seminar for the last day of the conference, when just about everyone had gone home,” Albanese says...

  • the New American Home 2007 is a high-performance home

    The term “high performance” likely conjures up an image of a car, one that's sleek and speedy, with an extremely powerful engine. The expectations surrounding such cars are high, which is why their allure is so strong.