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  • Enotah Hall at Young Harris College

    Lord, Aeck & Sargent designed a $16 million, 200-bed facility to house Young Harris College's growing student population.

  • HVI-certified Heat Recovery Ventilator From Goodman

    The HVI-certified HRV series offers up to 92% heat recovery, according to the manufacturer, with cfm rates from 123 to 247 to accommodate various residential conditions and requirements. The units feature a 22/24-gauge galvanized steel cabinet that is fully insulated with 1-inch high-density...

  • VHR 1404 Heat-Recovery Ventilator From Fantech

    The HVI-certified VHR 1404 heat-recovery ventilator is rated to recover and exchange 62% of exhaust air heat. The unit is equipped with two factory-balanced EBM motors with permanently lubricated sealed bearings for durability and low maintenance. An aluminum heat-recovery core is configured for...

  • EKO 1.5 Heat Recovery Ventilator From Venmar Ventilation

    The HVI-certified EKO 1.5 heat-recovery ventilator recovers and exchanges up to 80% of heated or cooled air. Two high-performance ECM motors consume 13.5 watts each at low speed and operate at 2.53 cfm per watt, making the units among the most energy efficient available. Four speed settings adjust...

  • ASHRAE HQ a Living Lab for Monitoring

    Outfitted with the latest monitoring and control technology, the ASHRAE Headquarters provides a glimpse into the future of smart buildings.

  • Product Review: Heat-Recovery Ventilators & Energy-Recovery Ventilators

    Starting in 2011, all new homes built to comply with the federal Energy Star Qualified Homes standard—perhaps 200,000 units if the NAHB’s forecast for that year holds true—will be required to provide an adequate amount of controlled, fresh-air ventilation as part of a comprehensive energy...

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  • Community College Facility Embodies Sustainability

    A combination of carefully chosen renewable energy strategies and energy conservation techniques places students of Ohlone College in a living laboratory.

  • Nevada Geothermal Site Gains Energy Efficiency With ElectraTherm Heat to Power Generator

    ElectraTherm, Inc. ( announced today the planned deployment of two 50kW ElectraTherm Green Machines slated to generate electric power from geothermal heat at the Florida Canyon Mine in Northern Nevada.

  • Raser Technologies Releases Video Update on Geothermal Power Plant

    Principal Executive Officer Richard D. Clayton said, "We've learned a great deal about the geothermal resource at Thermo, UT, which will help us build future power plants more efficiently.