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  • Energy Star Gas Water Heater From Kenmore

    Kenmore. The Elite Energy Star gas water heater achieves a 0.70 EF rating thanks to a patented air intake system. Much like a turbo charger, air is pushed into the combustion chamber and creates a pressurized environment. As a result of the pressurization, tighter baffling can be incorporated into...

  • The Water-Efficient Home

    Guidelines for reducing water use in your projects.

  • Green Building Conference Kicks Off With Home Tour

    Salt Lake City sustainable building showcase includes an ultra-efficient, market-rate solar home, a custom vacation house, and a historical renovation.

  • Energy Star Water Heater With Vacation Setting From GE

    GE. With an Energy Factor of 2.3, the GeoSpring heat-pump water heater exceeds current Energy Star requirements and consumes 62% less energy than standard electric water heaters, the maker says. The unit features a backlit LCD display that allows homeowners to choose from four different modes to...

  • Lucite EcoShade IR

    Lucite has added EcoShade IR reflective continuous cast acrylic sheet to its line of LuciteLux products.

  • New + Notable

    20 products for green-built homes, including an electric-vehicle charging station, an energy management system, and insulated framing.

  • Product Review: Daylighting & Skylights

    Light penetration deep into a home can boost comfort, livability, and energy efficiency. Here are strategies to strike the right balance.

  • Coil-less Tankless Water Heater From American Hometec

    American Hometec. The AHQ-T16 point-of-use electric tankless water heater features the companys coil-less technology, which heats water indirectly through heat transfer to prevent lime-scale buildup that can decrease heating efficiency over time. The 16-kW unit can provide heated water for the...

  • Hybrid Gas Water Heater From A.O. Smith

    A.O. Smith. The Next Hybrid gas water heater combines tank and tankless water heating technologies to operate at 90% thermal efficiency. The unit performs like a tankless model, but a small buffer tank allows it to overcome some of the negative attributes normally associated with tankless models...

  • Indirect-Fired Water Heater From Burnham

    Burnham. The Alliance SL indirect-fired water heater is a tank-style option for builders who want to greatly reduce standby losses. Instead of using a flue, the indirect-fired water heater utilizes the power and large heating capacity of a boiler to provide hot water. The unit also features 2 to 3...