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  • Case Study: DIY Remodel Soars to LEED Platinum

    Built largely by the homeowner and completed over the course of seven years, the project is one of the highest-scoring but least-expensive LEED homes ever.

  • Builders’ Show Products, Day 2

    9 new products, including tankless water heaters, off-grid backup generators, and lightweight fireplace surrounds.

  • Environments For Living Certifies 140,000th Home

    Initiated by Masco Home Services, the 10-year-old certification program is based on building science principles.

  • New + Notable

    New products for green-built homes.

  • Product Review

    Although tankless water heaters have gotten a lot of attention the last few years, tank-style units offer plenty of efficient options, and in some cases, are actually more efficient.

  • Case Study: Green, Modern Farmhouse in Alabama

    Generations-old siting techniques and state-of-the-art energy modeling combine for a modern twist on the rural farmhouse.

  • Solar Tankless Water Heating Backup From Rinnai

    Rinnai. The RH360 solar reheat kit provides efficient, consistent tankless backup for solar water heating. Previous other solar tankless backup solutions fed the hot line from the solar tank directly to the tankless backup unit, which would heat water when the temperature started to drop, which...

  • Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator From Broan

    Broan. Unlike traditional thermostatically controlled attic ventilators, the Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator activates first thing in the morning to remove overnight moisture before heat builds up. A 20-watt PV panel powers the unit and can be mounted away from the ventilator for optimal...

  • Passive Solar Water Heating System From Rheem

    Rheem. SRCC-labeled Solaraide passive solar water heating systems operate without pumps or controllers. A closed-loop, indirect heat exchange design wraps completely around the unit’s roof-mounted thermo-siphon exchange tank for optimum efficiency. Single or double flat-plate collectors in 47- or...

  • Solar Heat Pump From Caleffi

    Caleffi. The SRCC-certified Solarie Solar Heat Pump is an all-in-one collector and storage tank system that eliminates the need for a separate backup water heater. Using demineralized water instead of refrigerant liquid as a heat exchanger, it pumps the water to its rooftop collectors only when...