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  • Coil-less Tankless Water Heater From American Hometec

    American Hometec. The AHQ-T16 point-of-use electric tankless water heater features the companys coil-less technology, which heats water indirectly through heat transfer to prevent lime-scale buildup that can decrease heating efficiency over time. The 16-kW unit can provide heated water for the...

  • Hybrid Gas Water Heater From A.O. Smith

    A.O. Smith. The Next Hybrid gas water heater combines tank and tankless water heating technologies to operate at 90% thermal efficiency. The unit performs like a tankless model, but a small buffer tank allows it to overcome some of the negative attributes normally associated with tankless models...

  • Indirect-Fired Water Heater From Burnham

    Burnham. The Alliance SL indirect-fired water heater is a tank-style option for builders who want to greatly reduce standby losses. Instead of using a flue, the indirect-fired water heater utilizes the power and large heating capacity of a boiler to provide hot water. The unit also features 2 to 3...

  • Case Study: DIY Remodel Soars to LEED Platinum

    Built largely by the homeowner and completed over the course of seven years, the project is one of the highest-scoring but least-expensive LEED homes ever.

  • Builders’ Show Products, Day 2

    9 new products, including tankless water heaters, off-grid backup generators, and lightweight fireplace surrounds.

  • Environments For Living Certifies 140,000th Home

    Initiated by Masco Home Services, the 10-year-old certification program is based on building science principles.

  • New + Notable

    New products for green-built homes.

  • Product Review

    Although tankless water heaters have gotten a lot of attention the last few years, tank-style units offer plenty of efficient options, and in some cases, are actually more efficient.

  • Case Study: Green, Modern Farmhouse in Alabama

    Generations-old siting techniques and state-of-the-art energy modeling combine for a modern twist on the rural farmhouse.

  • Solar Tankless Water Heating Backup From Rinnai

    Rinnai. The RH360 solar reheat kit provides efficient, consistent tankless backup for solar water heating. Previous other solar tankless backup solutions fed the hot line from the solar tank directly to the tankless backup unit, which would heat water when the temperature started to drop, which...