More stories about High-Performance Building

  • Energy Star 3.0 Marks First Year

    Green builders of all sizes can learn from early adopters of the year-old standard.

  • DOE to Fund Development of New High-Performance Products

    Cutting-edge window, roof, and HVAC technologies will increase building envelope performance.

  • A Virtuous Cycle

    Market Transformation chair Cliff Majersik says the drive to broader markets will be fueled by increased code compliance and the transformation of appraisal and finance processes.

  • The Balance of Systems

    Codes and Standards chair Sam Rashkin describes how new codes and evolving rating systems are addressing the "house-as-a-system" approach to performance.

  • Pushing Performance

    Systems thinking will take building science into the areas of air purification, rightsized HVAC components, and home energy management systems, says Building Systems Research chair Michael Dickens.

  • Integration and Resilience

    Products and Performance chairs Alex Wilson and Peter Yost envision high-performance products that respond to more stringent requirements and the need for resilient design.

  • Resiliency Through Durability

    Fortifying homes against natural (and unnatural) disasters is the next big step in sustainability.

  • Improving the Green Retrofit Process

    Randy Thompson is out to prove that a collaborative design-build process will significantly reduce costs and boost ROI to green up the country’s building stock.

  • Building America Meeting Touches on Ventilation/Insulation Debate

    Conference speakers discuss how to avoid doing harm with high-performance enclosures.

  • Product Review: Sustainable Interiors

    Interior designer Annette Stelmack explains the latest selection criteria for sustainable interiors and shares some of her favorite products.