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  • Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Wins the AIA 2014 Architecture Firm Award

    Days after the death of founding partner Allen Eskew, the firm wins the Institute's highest honor for its design work across Louisiana and waterfront planning in New Orleans.

  • White Arkitekter Wins FAR ROC Post Sandy Resiliency Design Contest for Rockaways Development

    New York City took another step toward resilient design with White Arkitekter’s winning proposal for the FAR ROC post-Sandy resilient development contest in the Rockaways.

  • Across the Institute

    Scottsdale, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., Beirut, New York City

  • Out of the Ordinary

    Anything goes at Guild House.

  • Embracing History

    In a home embedded in the landscape, the Natural History Museum of Utah expands its offerings while minimizing its environmental footprint.

  • Deep Dive

    Tracing the legacy of architect Robert R. Taylor.

  • The Evelyn Pease Tyner Interpretive Center / Glenview, Ill.

    Set amidst Air Station Prairie, a 32 1/2-acre (13-hectare) remnant of tall-grass prairie north of Chicago, the 3,000-square-foot (279-m2) center educates visitors about the history and ecology of the Illinois prairie ecosystem while serving as a showcase for cutting-edge technology and techniques...

  • Lodge Preserves Natural Surroundings

    While searching for middens and cave paintings in the 1940s, anthropologists discovered early Alaskans seasonally camped in Sadie Cove in Homer, Alaska. Today, the Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge preserves that link to the region’s history while maintaining the peaceful atmosphere of the rugged...

  • Change for a Green Future

    My second major in college was American history. I never tire of reading about brave Americans who faced adversity to make our nation a better place.

  • Historic Museum Is Certified Green

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House Museum is commissioned two years after achieving LEED Silver certification.