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  • GLASS AG GLASSXcrystal

    Salt-hydrate phase change material embedded in GLASSXcrystal aids with heat storage.

  • (Air) Quality Control in Healthcare

    A principal from Perkins+Will explores the challenges of clearing the air and reducing waste in healthcare settings.

  • Zero-VOC, Biodegradable Paint From The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

    The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. SafePaint has the properties of the companys original milk paint, but is suitable for non-porous surfaces and offers a more uniform look over large areas. Made with milk protein, lime, clay, and earth pigments, the interior wall paint is solvent-free, contains zero...

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 Published

    An updated ASHRAE standard includes new requirements regarding natural ventilation, exhaust systems, and indoor air quality procedure.

  • Reclaimed Flooring From Fontenay

    Fontenay. Flooring in the Vintage Barrel collection is made with wood reclaimed from old wine barrels. The line includes Cooperage (shown), which features markings from barrel heads; Wine Infusion, with wood from the inside of the barrel and boasting the rich color of wine staining; and Stave, the...

  • Product Review: Cabinetry

    Cabinets are only as green as the sum of their parts.

  • Building Science: Putting Tightness to the Test

    Guidelines for interpreting blower-door test results.

  • Building a Model of Good Citizenship

    Leo A Daly shows that bureaucracy can be beautiful as well as sustainable in Orlando, Fla.

  • Certified Sustainable Wood Flooring From Terra Legno

    Terra Legno. The Fumato Soppalco line of FSC- and SFI-certified engineered wood flooring includes Aztec silver (shown), Mayan gold, and Inca bronze. The flooring has a micro-bevel edge, is 9/16 inch thick, and comes in three widths and random and fixed lengths. 800.393.7424.

  • Surface-Mount LED from Sea Gull Lighting

    Sea Gull Lighting. Powered by JuiceWorks LED lighting technology, these surface-mount fixtures use 15 watts—consuming 85% less energy than incandescent fixtures and 40% less energy than equivalent CFLs—while delivering 40 lumens per watt, says the firm. The light offers smooth dimming down to 10%...