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  • Hamptons Green Alliance

    Seeking to educate local home buyers and consumers about green and sustainable home building, Bridgehampton, N.Y.-based Hamptons Luxury Homes and its general contracting subsidiary Telemark have formed the Hamptons Green Alliance.

  • Finding Information on Green Resources

    Andrew Pace, owner of Safe Building Solutions in Waukesha, Wis., is no stranger to supplying environmentally friendly building materials. In 1993, long before today's green blitz started, Pace began looking for materials that would be healthier to work and live with. Today, one-unit SBS supplies...

  • Codding Builds Mixed-use Development

    Codding Enterprises of Rohnert Park, Calif., is getting back into residential development in a big way. The shopping center-centric company, which boasts turn-of-the-century home builder roots, is manning a 10-year build-out of Sonoma Mountain Village, a $1 billion multiuse project to include 1,900...

  • Selling efficient, sustainable projects to customers.

    Once you've challenged yourself to be the greenest remodeler you can be, the next challenge is: How do you sell efficient, sustainable projects to customers? To remodelers making a foray into this niche, we advise leaving the green-wash mentality at the door.