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  • 7 Water-Saving Products to Help Cut Water Use by 25%

    Between California's drought-related crackdown and Earth Day 2015, homeowners are ever more mindful of the amount of water they use every day. Here are seven building products that can help cut down water use - and water bills.

  • Three Exceptional Adaptive Reuse Projects

    These three projects from Architect's Project Gallery draw from history to create new inventive and useful structures that still maintain a close connection to their past, whether in design or ideology.

  • SITES v2 Launched

    The second version of the sustainable ratings system designed for landscapes is now available for widespread use.

  • 2014 AIA COTE Top Ten Winner: Bushwick Inlet Park

    A dynamic waterfront park and community center grow in Brooklyn thanks to Kiss + Cathcart Architects and landscape architect Starr Whitehouse.

  • Can Green Infrastructure Make Neighborhoods Safer and Wallets Thicker?

    Green infrastructure such as vegetated roofs, open parks, and permeable pavement can lead to higher rents, increased retail sales, reduced utility bills, and reduced crime, among other benefits, according to a new report from the NRDC.

  • Park It, Pal

    How one hard-nosed city is learning to love parklets.

  • The Old College Try

    Revising the blueprint for campus living.

  • Below the Law

    A subtle addition to UC Berkeley's School of Law digs into an existing courtyard to make room for a mix of communal spaces.

  • Every Precious Drop

    Water Efficiency chairs Mary Ann Dickinson and Carole Baker detail how improved technologies, policies, and practices will help achieve new levels of water efficiency by 2020.

  • Mean, Lean, and Green at the Olympic Games

    Forget bronze, silver, or gold. London's Olympic Park is going for green.