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    The Puraflo Wastewater Treatment System is a natural system that can be used for both on-site greywater and blackwater recycling. Filtered wastewater from a standard septic system is collected and then time dosed (pumped slowly) to percolate through a peat filter media; the treated effluent emerges...

  • XCI Irrigation Controller From Cyber-Rain

    Using the Internet, the Cyber-Rain XCI controller adjusts irrigation times and schedules based on the weather, thereby providing for up to 40% savings on water bills, the company says. No day-to-day interaction or fees are required, and schedules can be updated via the Internet. In addition to PC...

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    A Tennessee health organization designs its campus to keep employees and business in top form.

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    Nearly 50% of potable water delivered to American homes goes down the drains of sinks, showers, and washing machines. Here's how to put that "lightly used" water to work for a second time around.

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    Can a place that houses equipment to work the land be kind to its surroundings as well? De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop provides a simple, low-tech approach.