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  • Platinum Pool Party

    SERA Architects makes a sustainable splash in Portland, Ore., with a LEED Platinum swim center.

  • Taking a Public Site From Gray to Green

    Discovery Green, a 12-acre park on a formerly forlorn parcel of land, cultivates new life in downtown Houston.

  • Natural Centerpiece

    What once was on site is restored at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center.

  • Soil Management System From DeepRoot Partners

    DeepRoot Partners. The Silva Cell modular system holds soil for tree growth and stormwater management while supporting paved surfaces. The system holds 10 cubic feet of soil per unit, protecting tree roots from compaction and providing room for stormwater infiltration and surrounding utilities. The...

  • Case Study: Modern Townhomes Bring Sustainability to Urban Indianapolis

    Redevelopment Group's six row-style condos boast efficiency, healthy indoor air, and skyline views.

  • Drivable Grass by Soil Retention

    Drivable Grass consists of tilelike, 2-foot-by-2-foot concrete squares connected into a mat by a grid system. Landscapers can plant grass through lattice-style holes and cracks that let roots penetrate through the mat into the soil, anchoring it firmly into place, the manufacturer says. The mat’s...

  • Pitch Perfect Green Roofs

    Vegetation isn't just for flat roofs. Here are some factors to consider when designing and installing sloped green roofs.

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  • Creating An Olympic Hero

    Any 355,000-square-foot facility will have environmental impacts. The sheer size alone implies a drain on materials, natural resources, and local ecosystems. The Richmond Olympic Oval offers a new slant on large-scale design, however, as the speed skating venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in...