More stories about Lead-Safe Practices

  • EPA Recognizes First WaterSense Partners of the Year

    Kohler and Ferguson are among the four winners.

  • EPA Developing WaterSense Program for Homes

    Homes achieving the specification will use 20% less water than standard new houses.

  • The Week in Green: March 31–April 4

    A roundup of green building news for the week of March 31–April 4, including the results of the Energy Star Awards, new lead paint standards, and the development of new certification guidelines.

  • EPA Issues New Lead Paint Rules

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new work practice standards for remodelers of older homes in an effort to reduce lead paint exposure, particularly among children. Set to take effect in April 2010, the new standards will extend to builders, painters, plumbers, and...

  • Mold and Moisture

    Mold growth in homes is the hot topic in the home building industry today. Headlines tout the danger of exposure to mold in our homes and at work. A member of the fungi family, mold comes in thousands of varieties and exists in every indoor and outdoor environment. It is a natural and necessary...

  • It may be unwise to delay adopting standards for acceptable indoor air quality levels, even if there's no code to enforce them

    Where in home building do risk and doubt converge? In indoor air quality matters, that's where. For big builders, the dilemma about indoor air quality falls somewhere on the spectrum of what they must do to be in compliance with code, what they could do to be ethical, and what they'd be smart in...