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  • Meet Seven of the 2014 Good Design Award Winners

    The 64th iteration of the international awards program recognizes consumer products in 25 categories. Announced in December, this year's more than 800 winners were culled from "several thousand" entries, its hosts say, and they run the gamut from revived midcentury furniture to a toast-shaped...

  • How to Design Inviting Outdoor Rooms

    The craving for time outdoors continues to drive the demand for well-designed outdoor rooms. It makes sense: Buyers with busy lives need the house to be a sanctuary, an escape. Clients are looking for a way to escape all that, and a well-done outdoor space can provide just such an escape. Builder's...

  • Best (and Most Realistic) Smart-Home Tech from CES 2015

    Architect products editor Hallie Busta reveals integrated smart devices, new uses for light fixtures, and ultra-efficient appliances that turned her head at this year's consumer technology trade fair in Las Vegas.

  • Yea or Nay on Bottle Bills?

    Only 10 U.S. states have bottle bills in place, with deposits ranging from 5 cents to 15 cents depending on the beverage. Do you think bottle bills promote civic responsibility by force of habit? Should more states should put bottle bills in place?

  • Shaheen-Portman Energy Bill Suffers Set Back

    The Senate votes not to proceed on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, which would be the country's first major energy bill in seven years.

  • New Executive Actions Call For Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy

    President Obama wants $2 billion in energy efficiency investments, smarter appliances, and training to grow the solar industry. Federal agencies and the building industry pledge to help.

  • First U.S. County Passes Energy Benchmarking Law

    Maryland's Montgomery County will now require owners of large nonresidential buildings to track and report their properties' energy use.

  • South Carolina Avoids LEED Ban Through Compromise

    While a new law does not ban the green building rating system, the Palmetto State pushes back on LEED’s material disclosure credits.

  • Push to Revive Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for Buildings Grows

    Following the introduction of the Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Act to restore and boost energy efficiency tax credits for buildings, the Senate Finance Committee votes to retroactively extend a deduction for commercial and multifamily buildings.

  • National Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for Buildings to be Revived?

    Three senators propose restoring and boosting energy efficiency tax credits for residential, commercial, and multifamily buildings under the new Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Act.