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  • The Atlantic Divide on Energy Codes

    While all energy codes strive for continual improvement, they reflect different philosophies affecting buildings' form and performance. In the U.S., jurisdictions prescribe specific practices at the design and construction stages, while Europeans tend to set broad benchmarks, implement...

  • Staple, Peerless Lighting

    This flexible fixture can fit a variety of applications ranging from offices to hospitals.

  • Scientists Develop Stretchable OLEDs

    The technology has potential applications in wearable and foldable electronic devices.

  • Greenbuild Lighting Preview

    Greenbuild takes place in Philadelphia on Nov. 20–22 and three presentations on the seminar docket provide an overview of lighting issues in a green context.

  • Room Controller, Cooper Controls

    This multitasking control incorporates occupancy sensing, daylighting, and receptacle control.

  • HPW-LED, Finelite

    This recessed, wall-wash ambient lighting fixture is lamped with LEDs.

  • Schwarzes Gold, Ingo Schuppler

    This luminaire shows green design is worth its weight in gold.

  • Votive Bunch Light, Tucker Robbins

    This eye-catching luminaire’s shade is made from repurposed fishing baskets.

  • How It's Made: LEDs

    LEDs have transformed the way we illuminate our buildings. Here is a macrolevel look at the microscopic processes use to make these revolutionary chips.

  • Switch3Way, Switch Lighting

    LEDs take a step further with this three-way lamp.