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  • Product Review: Exterior Cladding

    When it comes to selecting siding, there are lots of options--and no silver bullet. Here's what attributes to look for.

  • Flooring Manufacturers Recognized for Green Strides

    Floor Covering Weekly awards flooring makers for greening their products and factories, and educating dealers and consumers about sustainability.

  • Product Review: Cabinetry

    Cabinets are only as green as the sum of their parts.

  • Are Our Buildings Making Us Sick?

    An architect from Anshen+Allen looks for healthy, sustainable materials, inside and out.

  • The American Architectural Manufacturers Association Wants Feedback on BIM

    A 10-question survey is now online for building team members to give feedback on their use of building information modeling programs

  • Smart Grid Investment Grants put $3.4 billion toward smart energy grid development

    As part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, 100 private companies, utilities, manufacturers, cities and other partners receive funds.

  • EPA finalizes first greenhouse gas reporting system for U.S.

    Monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions data will be required from large emitters starting Jan. 1, 2010.

  • New Smart, Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions For The "Smart Grid" Could Save Up To $6 Billion Annually

    Rockwell Automation has developed a new portfolio of smart, safe and sustainable manufacturing solutions that could help companies save up to $6 billion a year, or about ten percent of the total U.S. industrial electrical energy costs, by capitalizing on "Smart Grid" initiatives with...

  • Newsletter Promotes Cypress Benefits

    The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, Pittsburgh, has introduced a new e-newsletter designed for architects, designers, builders and homeowners interested in learning more about cypress, a naturally sustainable, durable and versatile forest resource.

  • Lamp Indices Decline

    The Rosslyn, Va.-based National Electrical Manufacturers Association incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps indices for the first quarter 2009 declined 2.4 and 4.6 percent, respectively.